All about me and the creation of Little Peek Boutique

         Hi, my name is Missy.  I own Little Peek Boutique located in my hometown of O’Fallon Illinois.  I had no idea that I’d be a small business owner however but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I wanted to tell our story on how Little Peek Boutique came to be.

         I learned through my mother's passing that life is short and you need to live the life you want, and if you don’t have it… you need to make it.  While I absolutely love my job as a Nurse, I started to feel like there was more out there for me.  I needed something that wouldn’t have me away from my kids on Christmas’, their special days, snow days and school holidays.  It couldn’t be just anything because it would be hard to compete with the miracle I witness as a labor & delivery Nurse.  I love being around pregnant mommas, new families and little babies so I wanted to do something unique for expecting families.  That’s when I came across the brand-new technology of Virtual HD ultrasounds.  I knew this technology was going to be a game changer.  You can truly see what your baby was going to look like with such clarity.  I wanted to offer this!! 

         Now…I’m kind of a jumper, I see something I want and I just do it and hope for the best.  I saw this technology being advertised in September 2016, I read all I could on it in October and by November I had convinced my husband that this was our next adventure.  And he went for it without batting an eye!!!  So…I got busy researching and developing our business plan.  We purchased our studio space by the end of November and got busy renovating. (check out our remodel pictures)  This proved to be much more than we originally thought but our space turned out exactly as I wanted.  Now that we had our dream space, we moved onto creating our mission and vision (which was a no brainer!)  1st - to give the expecting families the unexpected by providing an amazing experience and a feeling of comfort in place they can come back to and visit again and again.  2nd - to allow other people an opportunity to benefit.  We decided to offer space for consignment of handmade baby goods instead of filling the boutique with generic run of the mill, mass produced baby products and wanted to offer our community a place where they can showcase their talents and sell their amazing creations. 

         We opened our doors in May 2017 and it has been a dream come true.  You see…we truly believe in karma and know what we put out in the world will come back to us.  I wanted a space where customers (friends) felt special, the experiences feel special and the products that they take away from here feel special.  As a mother I know that’s not how we always feel but in here you will.  We are trying to constantly evolve and offer products and services that you as a pregnant or new mom want (and need).  Currently we offer Gender DNA testing at 6 weeks, Elective Ultrasounds and a handmade baby boutique.  We've been open almost 2 1/2 years and I couldn’t be prouder of the accomplishments we have made so far.  I look forward to the future and am excited for the new things we have planned.


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